KimmieGraphics is a strategic design firm specializing in business,
consumer products, and event design. We are a focused team of
thinkers, designers, and marketers. Our work is a combination of creativity and intellectual problem solving to facilitate your
business needs.

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About the Creative Director

Kimberly is best known for her outstanding professionalism in the
field of design communication. She worked as the Creative Director
for a multi-international award winning label and packaging company, where she further honed her talents and skills. With her continued inspiration, Kimberly has now extended her expertise to other print media.

She is currently a member of GDC (Society of Graphic Designers
of Canada), who performs professional design practice.


At the beginning of a project, we engage you to focus directly
on your objective. As we proceed through the concept and
development stages, you are involved as a collaborator.
We ensure that our design solutions are truly effective in
your business or event needs.

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